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Why Petition ?

Time has come to lodge a petition for the approval of Land Pooling Policy, knowing that the Delhi government is sitting idle and not doing the most necessary thing that has the potential to rewrite history in the availability of affordable houses for the middle class. We are also urging the government to urbanize those 95 villages which would become the basis for the development of 25 lakh houses. Following are some pointers why we need to petition this Land Pooling Policy case and why these villages need to be urbanized.

-The whole virtue of Master Plan Delhi 2021 is based on the concept of land pooling and urbanization of villages. The credibility of this plan can be understood by the fact that a global association of experienced professional planners called as International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) has acknowledged it by giving it an award in 2008 for the highest level of urban development planning.

-25 affordable flats are at stake with the Land Pooling Policy. Out of these, majority will go to middle class or lower class people.

-From the last decade, since people cannot afford the sky rocketing prices of houses in Delhi, they are forced to get relocated in NCR like Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad etc.

-Owning a dream house has become increasingly difficult to the state and central government officials who have worked throughout their life in Delhi and for its betterment, but sadly after their retirement they either have to relocate to some periphery zone or go to their native place without having a slightest chance of buying a house where they have worked for decades. Thus, these policies become even more important as the sentiments of people are getting involved here.

-People who working and living in Gurgaon and Delhi has to face several challenges of commuting and safety issues. Thus, having a home and that too a desired one would make life much easier for them.

- It would end the unplanned development which is going since ages in Delhi. The problems of unauthorised societies, random buildings and then problems of further development because of them, all these are add-on land pooling policy benefits .

-Apart from 2-2.5 million houses, the DDA has joined hands with the private developer entities to bring a civic infra with world class social facilities such as hospitals, schools, amusements etc.

We ourselves had done a small research to find why the policy of LPP is stuck when even the masses know that it’s a game changer. To your surprises, many of the big authorities of Delhi has already passed this policy, be it MCD, DDA or the Gram Sabha who have already planned to surrender their villages.

The delay is only done by the central authority of Delhi. The oppositions have already raised their voices in support of affordable houses for middle class people. The case has not been handled well by the Delhi government, but the people of Delhi has time and again showed their support for the ruling party. This petition is a request and a gentle reminder to the government that give people what they deserve for their hard earned money and a chance to live in a well developed society by addressing the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, that day is not far away when the patience of people ends and they get agitated to come on the roads and demand what is rightfully theirs ie right to have a home.

Development Delayed in Development Denied

A comfortable and safe place to share and care with our family. The emotions regarding homes is understandably intense and when one gets to know that there is a clear chance that one can own a house in the number one city of India, then it gets intensified further.

As a responsible and informed citizen of this democracy, we request all of you to sign this petition urging the government to notify Land Pooling Policy and urbanizing rural areas. To under the value of something, we should imagine what will happen if that thing is not with us. For a simpler understanding, here are some points that one must read so as to inspire others to sign the petition.

- Due to the unavailability of urbanised land, the demand – supply gap of affordable houses has gone considerably up. This would go further up and hence the prices of basic houses if new areas of development are not found.

-A huge sum of Rs.35000 crore is at stake if the land pooling policy does not come to affect soon. With that, the fate of more than 20,000 investors and developers is hanging.

- The urbanization of these 95 villages would be revolutionary in outer Delhi in terms of infrastructure/transportation/congestion/pollution/housing for all.

- Availability of 20-25 affordable houses in one of the most important cities of the world and providing homes to more than 8 million people is not a small thing but it is something which the people of Delhi deserve for their hard earned money.

Therefore, our request is to every person of this city and this country, to come out with their support in making Delhi what it was destined to become ie a smart city, to help it achieve magnificent urban development around our rich cultural heritage.