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Land Pooling Policy Benefits

  • End of Land Acquisition Policy-One of the most significant factor why LPP is necessary is because it would end the decades old land acquisition system. What this will do is prevent the ever increasing price of lands due to acquisition policy. The transparency is far below standard and the compensations are unfair to the farmers.

  • Freedom to Public- Private sector DDA would only work as a caretaker/facilitator to this policy that would give the public private sector a chance to boom its relationship and hence enhance the development. No interference would give the private sectors ample freedom to develop infra within the rules set by the law.

  • Development in NCR There is a 10 fold increase in population of Delhi in the past half century, which has increased the use of land. Due to its expansion Delhi needs to sort out a plan to make use of its neighbouring villages’ land. These land of villages like Dwarka, Narela, Bawana etc would get a standard way of development.

  • No “leap- frog” development-Use of LPP would cut out the rise of unauthorized housing sectors which has taken its roots vastly in Delhi. Since the inception of these, the government has to unwillingly regularise this societies. Further, because of its unplanned nature, many problems arise within the city while making progress in transportation projects such as Metros and Urban Extension Roads and many other infrastructures.

  • Ample Employment opportunities-During the tenure of the development of LLP, it would provide home to more than 10 million households. This would vastly increase employment opportunities for every class of people who are related to the construction sector. It would help in the economic boom as well since there are many chances the foreign investments would be playing a key role in providing infra.

  • Revenues though tax It would be a very profitable venture for both the government as well as the owner of the land. The owner gets an opportunity to recover incurred cost and land as well. LPP would make for an accurate land registration system which would significantly increase public revenues from property taxes.

  • Revoke struggling real estate market– The LPP would give real estate market a chance to re-establish itself. Land market is down, which is a hindrance to a nation. LPP would bring people back to real estate.

  • Adding to these benefits, many of the most developed cities has stick to the LPP mode of development and it has shown tremendous results. In India too, the states such as Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh etc have been pioneers to LPP.

The advantage of Land Pooling Policy is such that, it can be understood by anyone in the society. Now the problem which arises is why the Land Pooling Agency (LPA) is not able to regulate LPP in Delhi. We as responsible citizens of this nation can only request our government with full pledge to regulate LPP in its fledged nature considering the prosperity it brings to the city. It will not only lay a ground for hard core world class development but would also give a deserved importunity to the middle class people to afford houses in these sectors. Their dream of owning a high class house with affordable price in the capital of India would surely be fulfilled if the LPP is passed. If the government wants to do magic for their people, for us, it just needs to take certain simple but very effective measures, and this is one of them. It is high time the government realizes that the choices of a couple of dozen people in the ministry would change the life of a generation of more than millions of people.

If we talk in terms of understanding and life of a common middle class man, who does all his responsibilities dutifully and only wishes to get some aid from the government, it is pretty easy to know what has to be done. In the past recent months the respective MCDs have already passed the resolutions to notify LPP. However, DDA has got no such notification. Now, if there is a lack communication among different authorities and ministries of central and state government, then it would make a pretty sad picture for millions of people. We don’t think any such thing is happening but are eagerly hoping that the government should take necessary steps which would bring out smiles all over the people of the nation. All that is required now is the instant notification of Urbanisation by Delhi Government, as other agencies like DDA and MCD has already completed all the formalities. Besides, Delhi Government also got their demand of ownership Gram Sabha of villages to be urbanised met. Now, its Delhi Government’s turn to notify LPP and put Delhi on the expressway of colossal development.

The projects of LPP on the outskirts of Delhi has already seen 35000 crore of investments of over 10,000 buyers which shows how much faith people have in this new way of planning. We think that the regulation of LPP by DDA is inevitable and even the government has the same idea, but what we cannot understand why there is a delay in giving the permission to the LPA to carry out its plans. It won’t be wrong to modify a popular and righteous quote ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ to ‘development delayed is development denied’. The thing is, the present government is by far the most loved one by the people of Delhi NCR, and also the government from which we expect the most. We, hereby request the concerned authority to look into the matter which can literally changes the fortunes of the coming generation.