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If at any point of time in last few years, you thought of owning your own home in Delhi at affordable budget, then you must have researched about DDA Land Pooling Policy. If you follow the developments, we are sure you must be having following questions in your mind.

Delhi wants to know, why urbanisation is being delayed, when respective MCDs have already issued resolution of urbanisation? Who is responsible for denying systematic development of Delhi?

Delhi wants to know, what happened to the plan of developing outer Delhi into 4 smart cities. Why is the centre-state conflict, denying Delhites a robust upcoming infrastructure? Who is responsible?

Delhi wants to know, why they are forced to move out of Delhi into other NCR regions, when 25 lakhs affordable housing is possible in land pooling zones? Delhi wants to know, whether it is irrational to long for affordable houses in Delhi? Why Aam Aadmi government plans to make Delhi homes of rich and elite only? Every thinking citizen knows that LPP is the key to power Delhi to unprecedented development and put us on international urban roadmap.

It’s surprising that an issue of such an importance is being delayed on different pretexts. We request you all to help us expedite the process of urbanisation and land pooling implementation, by joining us, following us, liking our posts on various social media platforms, and signing the following petition to invite the attention of different LPP decision making stakeholders.