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What Stages are There To The Land Pooling Registration Procedure?

Posted By : Apr 05 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



This will be a very detailed step-by-step procedure and, thus, you need to pay careful attention. It will constitute the following order of things:

  • Notification/Registration – The opening of the online portal (single window system) will be notified on DDA’s website and in newspapers (both Hindi and English). This has already happened and the online registration is now open.
  • Documents – Your online registration should comprise of the following documents:
  1. application form
  2. registration fees
  3. land map
  4. ownership certificate
  • Verification – Your documents will be verified by GNCTD after which DDA will notify you to form a consortium.
  • Consortium Application – When registering as a Consortium you will have to submit the following:
  1. application form
  2. implementation plan
  3. contract agreement
  4. processing fees
  • After this DDA will prepare sector plan outlining land area breakup into 60% and 40%.
  • Within 120 days of the land area breakup DDA will issue Provisional Development License (PDL) to the Consortium.
  • If there are any grievances at this stage they can be taken to the Grievance Redressal Committee.
  • After this the Consortium will be issued a Final Entitlement Certificate.
  • After this the Consortium will be required to prepare a detailed layout plan for the 60% land. Once it is approved, the Consortium must enter into a Development Agreement along with an undertakingto hand over encumbrance free land to DDA/service providing agency for infrastructure development and pay EDC on schedule.
  • Within twelve months from this the Consortium/DE must apply for Final Development License (FDL). The application must include the following documents:
  1. PDL
  2. Layout Plan
  3. Infrastructure Report
  4. Undertaking
  5. Processing Fee
  6. Bank Guarantee (Rules governing these is listed in clause 8(II) of the regulations.
  • After careful scrutiny of the documents is complete the Consortium must hand over 40% encumbrance free lands to DDA/service providing agency for the development of city level infrastructure.
  • After the above stage is complete and first EDC (30%) is paid DDA will issue the Final Development License to the Consortium/DE. In case the first EDC is not paid in its entirety, then the Consortium is allowed a 90 day period (for payment) or can pay it in 8 installments every six months spread over a period of 48 months.
  • After this the Layout Plan Approval will be given. This includes clearance from relevant bodies like AAI, DFS, etc.
  • Once this is done, the Consortium/DE will register itself under RERA. After this execution of the development process on the 60% land can begin.
  • When it is complete the Consortium/DE must apply for a completion certificate. DDA will, after all the relevant inspections, will issue completion certificate and occupancy certificate.