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Watch This Video for Awareness on Land Pooling Policy

Posted By : Jun 11 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP


It is said that DDA wants to work with villagers to transform rural areas of villages into urban cities. DDA launched a portal on Land Pooling Policy on 5th of February for those who wanted to know about land pooling policy and also for those who wants to get their Land submitted under the policy. According to DDA the policy is made for those village Areas of Delhi which comes under p2, K1L, J Zone. With the help of this policy DDA will try to provide all the modern facilities like Schools, Hospitals, Metro and other commercial buildings to the rural areas of Delhi. So the questions come that how a person can register his land if he owns land in these zones? if a person doesn’t know that weather his land comes in these zones or not he can go to DDA's portal Site and can get the knowledge whether his land comes in three of the zones or not.


under this scheme if DDA gets 70% Hurdle free Land in any of the zones then that zone comes under land pooling, 53 percent of land would be used for residential purpose,5 percent of land would be used for commercial purpose and the remaining two percent land will be used for social development. On the remaining 40 Land DDA and service provider company will make schools, colleges, auditorium, good roads, parks, electricity, etc. According to DDA any farmer who have 500 meters of land can also registers himself under Land Pooling Policy but at one condition that that farmer or group farmers will get chance to develop 60 of their land own self according to Master Plan Delhi 2021. This scheme will increase the rates of farmers Land and will also provide all the modern facilities.

With this policy our coming generation will be benefitted and also we can contribute in Delhi's development, the real cost would be paid to DDA or service provider company by farmers for bringing such amazing facilities to rural areas of Delhi through EDC mode. So what are you waiting for, register your land today under Land Pooling Policy. To register you will have to upload, Signature, PAN CARD, SAFE DEED ON DDA portal. In the end when DDA gets 70 percent Land from each sector then it will ask all the land owner to make a consortium (a company or Group) they will register the consortium and will go DDA. The group of consortium will make an implementation plan and will discuss it with DDA. After it the consortium decides and submits’s construction plan to DDA, then DDA makes sector plan of showing 60/40 usage of lands. if any farmer or group of farmers faces problem in all these processes they can call DDA customer care helpline number.