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Under land pooling policy 582 hectares of land have been deposited: DDA

Posted By : Jun 22 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



The prevailing large-scale Land Acquisition, Development and Disposal Policy of Delhi (1961), has given permission for the development of land through acquisition and posterior planning by DDA. Acquirement of land at a large scale could not be managed in a time-bound manner. So now Land Pooling is a new criterion for the urban area development of Delhi, wherein the private sector will play an active and important role in gathering land and developing physical and social infrastructure.

While interested Landlord and stakeholders can register his own land on the online Land Pooling Policy portal till August 4, a senior DDA official said that till now around 782 hectares have been accumulated under the policy.

Under this concept, owners or groups of owners will pool land parcels for development as per the given norms and guidelines, making them partners in the development process. For the accommodated planning of a sector, the land will be used for the development of roads and all the public facilities and we are in the process of enclosing and determining the extent of the land that has been compiled. Once the process will be completed, we will make the coalition that can then approach with their respective layouts and designs.

And will make efforts to reduce the gap between high-class Group and low-class Group because we strongly trust in Housing for All. We are putting a detailed focus on providing security, cheap electricity, parking facilities, and other amenities. Also, the location of the scheme is very good which can ensure that the commute time is reduced. So that people can feel the happiness of owning a home in Delhi NCR. Till now the policy has projected established homes for approximately 76 lakh people in the Capital.