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The lieutenant Governor of Delhi Asked DDA to prepare joint plan for Dwarka sub city

Posted By : Oct 24 2019

Posted On : Dwarka L Zone Consultants


In a statement by DDA and the LG of Delhi has asked its officials to gather all the ongoing projects from land owning agencies to make complete ecosystem for Dwarka Sub City.

In a meeting organized by LG Anil Biajal regarding many programmers to redevelop the Dwarka Sub city in that meeting DDA and LG discussed about rejuvenate the drainage system, street designs, Greenery, and safety and walkablity of Dwarka.

For the compendium of unite vision, L-G wrote a letter to the Vice Chairman (VC) of DDA to in which he has asked to constitute a small disciplinary group experts with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) or with any other similar agencies which can make plan to optimize land and buildings according to the new policy and also to make a complete ecosystem for Dwarka sub city.

The Delhi Development Authority has made Dwarka Sub City India largest Sub City, to fulfill the demands of affordable housing of Delhities DDA has used mixed lands and also to reduce environmental impact and to provide safety and convenient to the residents, said in statement by L-G Office.

Recently it has been mentioned that the development of Dwarka had started in 80s till now the city has new access routes, developments of metro stations and now there is also availability of potable water.

According to the data provided by DDA shows that they have use approximately 90 percent lands of Dwarka for the developments for residential projects after which 50 percent land is kept for commercial and public semi public which would be developed later. The people have started residing in the sub city but there are still lack amenities, and also the places with large development have not been developed despite of being best potential.

One of the DDA officials said that "DDA has a land bank covering approximately 1,100 Hectares developable lands in L Zone of Dwarka are to be converted. Also, the main availability of such tracts of land for development is needed like, well-connected roads, a road robust metro rail network, and large green areas which provides a great opportunity for rethinking the way Dwarka sub-city is evolving and being developed. All the infrastructure of the sub-city is demanding retrofit and revamp of public spaces, which should give the modern look and complete the needs of people as well.

Though, when it comes to the sub-city which is at the crossroads of development with many upcoming projects which are in the process of completion, such as the Second Diplomatic Enclave, Public Bike-sharing scheme, cleaning of trunk drains, Second Diplomatic Enclave and (ICC) which is named as International Exhibition cum Convention center. Along, with this many developments in the process are Re-development and Re-designing of Street redevelopment with cycle tracks and junction, Development of Commercial hub, Transit-Oriented Development plan around Metro Stations, state-of-the-art Bijwasan Railway Station, state-of-the-art 173-acre golf course and also the improving access through UER-II and Dwarka Expressway, 200 acre Bharat Vandana Park are in the accomplishment to evolve. 

The official also made a statement that “Land Pooling Policy, Transit-oriented Development (ToD), Blue-green policy, Walkability Policy and many of the policies which have been recently launched will definitely make an impact towards the development of the Dwarka city." 

Recently In an official meeting, the LG said that “All the policies and the projects have been made up as single projects and policies now". 

At the end of the discussion, the upper authority official of DDA announced that “there is no widespread plan made which can interlink the urbanized design framework and further it can also help the quality of living and value of undeveloped land".

At last the DDA official said "Few separated and divided developed plans cause the restriction of the purpose of developing the Sub-city in Dwarka but with this, it can also lead to the situations which can't be corrected easily and the limited community benefit. Both things may also lead to having difficulties for the development to be done.