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Tarun Kapoor – New Chairman of Delhi Development Authority

Posted By : Oct 11 2018

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The Delhi development authority is the best-known board that acts as the best landing foundation for the future. Recently, Tarun Kapoor senior IAS officer is selected as the vice chairman of the Delhi development authority. The officer has joined the development authority on Monday. Udai Pratap Singh was relieved the vice chairman post in the month of September.

The new officer was worked in the power department in the state of Himachal Pradesh prior to joining the Delhi development authority. He comes from the senior IAS batch in Himachal Pradesh cadre. He was also worked in the electricity board as a chairman in the state.

He is an electrical engineer ahead of attending the civic services. The senior officer keeps up the MBA degree that said by the Delhi development authority officials. The officials from the development authority report the complete details about the chairman in the official site.

The appointment order is issued by the personnel ministry. He wants to get learn more about the development authority and know the functionality of the DDA. The master plan 2021 and Land Pooling Policy gives the excellent benefit to the traders. The officer tries to get the complete information about the policy implemented in the upcoming projects.

Arrange the meeting with others:

The officer arranges the meeting with the different department heads and consults with the authority functions and work in the society today. He conducts the long meeting on Monday with the members of the Delhi development authority. The officer is willing to get the detailed information about the ongoing projects and policy that made under the Delhi development authority.

The officer is very eager to learn about the function of the development authority. The authority officials said that the new chairman put effort to make the new project with the best policy that beneficial for the people. The DDA always manage the best project along with the best policy.

The new chairman interests to work with the authority very soon. The officials in the authority said that the new officer takes some time to know the process of the development authority. He understands the function of the authority as quickly as possible.  The officials give the proper records and reports about the ongoing and upcoming project details to the chairman.

With it, they get an idea to know the projects that constructed in the location. They try to learn about the land management and development in the real estate sector. The traders get rid of the stress and pain from the unwanted issues. The officer joins the authority in the amendment of the master plan.

Launch the new housing scheme:

The Delhi development authority recently gets the approval of the land pooling policy from the new chairman. The officer deals with the execution of the policy in the major states. They notify all the things that happen in the authority and consult with other to clear the problems quickly.

The authority launches the new housing scheme at the best destination very soon in this year.  The scheme is expected to be implemented in the different parts of the city.  The chairman is the complete responsibility for the new policy. The authority set to launch the different projects for the upcoming years.

The officials provide the information about the policy in the DDA site. The traders get any details about the policy through the official site. Delhi Land Pooling Policy is the excellent source to invest the money in the project. The authority gives the assurance to complete the process of the investment and get the best property.