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Protest Against the Land pooling policy of Delhi Development Authority

Posted By : Jun 22 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP



On Thursday, the Federation of Delhi Housing Developers and Societies held a protest against the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) demanding instant rollback of both sought execution of prior approved policy and modified land pooling policy. The Federation blamed Delhi Development Authority of randomly changing prior policy to benefit private developers/builders. Also, it told that this new policy can hurt both middle individuals and farmers.

Satish Aggarwal, who is a Federation Secretary, said that “The Land Pooling Policy that is informed by the Urban Development Ministry on 5th September 2013, and then, the law for the operationalization of policy, is proposed on 26th May 2015. However, DDA has currently proposed an altered policy that will have some drastic consequences because it will surely affect a common man to get a home”.

He also added that “the policy is notified after the due discussion with different stakeholders including subject experts, farmers, and societies and it is envisaged that this notified policy or development will give over 25 lakh housing units at affordable rates for Delhi citizens. These proposed changes make this policy not possible with the damaging penalties for Delhi.