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Middle Class Investors in Trouble Due To LPP Delay

Posted By : Jun 03 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Common people have been asking this question to the AAP Government from several weeks. Why land pooling policy has been delayed. On the Urban Debate at Magic Bricks Now, APP representative Mr. Roshan Shankar came in front to give an answer that why AAP government holding this policy. As expected, Mr. Shankar came-up with silly justification that they have been trying to talk with 89 villages’ people. The Delhi MPD 2021 is arguably the largest real estate opportunity in terms of state assurance and demographic demand for urban growth and development in the country. And the recently sanctioned land pooling policy is perhaps the first of many such state initiatives. Such Land Pooling Schemes will help solve issues related to the availability of land for necessary real estate development and infrastructure formation for India’s ever-increasing urban population—especially for the creation of urban green spaces, open public spaces and mass housing for EWS and low-income groups.

There are as yet vast growth opportunities in the country’s realty sector. Especially where urbanisation and related large-scale infrastructure is concerned—India is yet to experience the full extent of population migrations to its established urban cores, which will place pressures on existing urban infrastructure and mass housing.

BJP representative Vijendra Gupta said, ‘’the Delhi government has to do that bit. However, the whole policy is actually the Centre’s, the state government has nothing much to do with it.’’ The delay in implementing the policy has led to a number of consumers being fleeced into making initial investments for housing projects in areas, which fall under the land pooling zones. A reputed researcher Ramesh Menon, said,  “A lot of land and money are also locked up because of the policy being stuck’’. As the AAP Government representative said,’’ we have been come up with the consolidated report within 15 days.”

Now its time to see if this has to be done within provided timeframe.