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On Land Pooling Policy Delhi Development Authority Holds Public Hearing

Posted By : Jul 03 2018

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Stakeholders question to Air Objections

The DDA Delhi Development Authority holds the public hearing about the land pooling policy where the stakeholders were invited to place their 4th objections and suggestions to the land pooling policy. The common objections and suggestions place was pertaining to the obsession of the FAR stands for a Floor Area Ratio charge says the DDA officials.

Above 300 stakeholders

Individual hearing about their objections, observations, and suggestions will be held. On the first day, more than 300 stakeholders were called but only 35 of them twisted up. The stakeholders raised doubt which pertaining to the thing of the FAR charges. In addition to that, the farmers recommend the DDA to take in just farming land in the policy of Land Pooling Policy, instead of plots which were bought by them says the DDA official.

Standardized allocation

There will be the standardized distribution of the land via the policy to the individual landowners says DDA officials. Previously the body of urban has been announced that it will act as a catalyst and schemer for speedy implementation of the land pooling policy.

Limit the FAR

In the previous month, the Developers and Federation of Housing Societies had seized a revelation at the DDA to raise the concerns over the suggestion of DDA’s to control the FAR. The FAR will be controlled under the land pooling policy to 180 as different to 400. This was mentioned in the year 2013 announcement. Finally, the land-owning agency used to hold the public hearing as soon as possible.