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Land Pooling Policy Suggestions of Public Before July 2-3

Posted By : Jun 21 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP



In Delhi, land pooling policy is considered an essential one for buying any property. Before the board inquiry and start hearing from July 2 to 3, PTI asked obligation and feedback of the DDA land pooling policy on June 20, 2018, from the public. It is said on today statement.

DDA has approved the statement of the land pooling policy in Delhi, last December. It takes the highest decision making for the pooled land. Delhi Development authorities are an important role for regulator, planner, and facilitator. Which means the transfer of pooled land to the authority is not essential. The land pooling policy is not important for all lands. This authority makes developer to build construction under the policy.

Generally, the pooled land in the policy was relocated to Delhi Development Authority. It will act as a developer entity and considered for development sector and sectoral planning under the land pooled. It assists people to integrate into the policy to acquire possible solution.

On January 11 and 12 public notice of land pooling policy implementation were issued in the newspapers. It was published for inviting suggestion, views, and obligations of the public. It is perfect time for people to take the best decision for the implementation. Within the 45 days, 734 suggestions, observations, and feedback received to the Land Pooling policy which said on the statement.

Suggestions and obligations of individuals hearing will be held from July 2 to 3. In the hearing, those who filled feedback can able to attend. Before hearing of DDA board inquiry and headquarters of Vikas Sadan it will be going to be held on those two days.

In Delhi, the land pooling policy was reviewed by Delhi Development Authority for simple and quick execution of the policy. In addition, the LPP policy was declared in 2013. After the announcement government also approved regulation of the land pooling policy in 2015 May. Unfortunately, this policy has not integrated on the land.

There are some issues will be pending on implementing policy by Delhi government. Risks like a declaration of 95 villages, 98 village’s notification on DMC act of 1957 on the developed area. DDA under the section of 12 of DDA act of 1957 issues were resolved last year in the month of May and June which said on urban.

Delhi Development authorities are operating of different aspects of regulation on the implementation process of the policy. The vice chairman of DDA also discussed with stakeholders and farmers about the policy. Federation of Housing Societies & Developers in Delhi are going to hold a demonstration of the implementation land pooling policy tomorrow which said by Vikas Sudan.