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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -9

Posted By : Dec 29 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. How will the landowner be informed about formation of Consortium? Or how will DDA inform to landowner for formation of Consortium?

Answer 1. Once 70% contiguous land is achieved within a sector and verification of ownership of pooled lands is confirmed by the Revenue Department , such sectors shall be considered eligible for development and DDA will issue a notice (“Notice for formation of Consortium”) to the constituent landowners, as indicated in Clause 19.1(iii) of Land Policy, to form a single entity called the Consortium.

Question 2. What will happen if any constituent landowner exits the pool during the process?

Answer 2. As per clause 6 (x) of Regulations, If any constituent landowner exits the pool during the process, then the sector will still be processed, provided all eligibility conditions given in Clause 4 of Regulation continue to be fulfilled. Where such exit affects the eligibility conditions, the processing of such sectors may be resumed once the eligibility conditions are fulfilled, either within the same or subsequent Application Windows. However, once the application is accepted by DDA it is mandatory for the constituents to remain with the consortium till issue of Provisional Development License.

Question 3. How does Land Pooling Policy ensure adequate housing for EWS?

Answer 3. Under the Policy, 15% over & above of the maximum permissible residential FAR is to be utilized for providing EWS Housing. 50 % of the EWS Housing Stock shall be retained by Developer Entity (DE) and disposed only to the Apartment owners, at market rates to house Community Service Personnel. Remaining 50% of the EWS housing stock shall be sold to DDA at a base cost prescribed by the latest CPWD index (plus cost of EWS parking) or actual cost whichever is less, at the time of actual handing over. The DE/Consortium will develop such 50% housing stock as a separate block and provide all necessary parking, commercial and PSP facilities for this separate housing pocket.

Question 4. What is city level commercial and what can be developed in this area?

Answer 4. These are the areas wherein the uses/activities as permitted in Community  Centre (Commercial) and District Centre are allowed as per Master Plan of Delhi-2021.

Question 5. What are the city level Public semi Public (PSP) facilities?

Answer 5. The Social Infrastructure facilities pertaining to health, education, sports facilities, socio-cultural activities, security, communication other community facilities as given in MPD-2021.

Source From : DDA