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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -8

Posted By : Dec 28 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. What will be penalty on Service Providing Agency/ DDA in case of completion of development works?

Answer 1. Service Providing Agencies and DDA shall try to ensure to complete the  external development within a period of five years from the issue of Final Development License to DE/Consortium subject to availability of land, utilizing the External Development Charges deposited in pooling process. In case of delays in completion of development works by Service Providing Agencies/ DDA, the concerned agency shall pay proportionate penalty of 2% of EDC per year for first two years and 3% of EDC per year thereafter to affected DE/Consortium for delay beyond the date of completion of the construction by DE/Consortium or five years whichever is later till the external development works are completed, provided that all the EDC charges have been paid by DE/Consortium within the stipulated time period.

Question 2.  What are the provisions in the Policy for unpooled land parcels participating at a later stage?

Answer 2. Any un-pooled land imposes a cost on public infrastructure, as services have to be provided to all land parcels in the sectors. The planning process/ layout plans for the un-pooled land parcels remaining in any sector coming forward later may be allowed, subject to:

  1. workability of the overall plan in terms of accessibility and other factors required for unified/integrated planning
  2. making minimum 45% land available for city level infrastructure/facilities or higher as determined by the Authority from time to
  3. Payment of updated applicable external development charges (EDC) for infrastructure and services.

Question 3. How does public know whether Application Window is opened or not?

Answer 3. DDA will make proper announcement of opening of the application window through its website, newspapers etc.

Question 4. Weather documents to be submitted under Land Pooling Scheme required certification.

Answer 4. The documents shall be self-attested by the landowners who shall at all times remain liable for any false information, misrepresentation, or error of any nature whatsoever. In addition to being proceeded against, in accordance with law, the application of such landowner shall be deemed to be void ab initio and shall automatically stand rejected. Any action that has been taken pursuant to such application shall stand automatically revoked and the registration amount will be forfeited.

Question 5. Whether landowners him/her self get verify their land record from Revenue Department?

Answer 5. No, DDA shall facilitate verification of pooled lands from the Revenue Department, GNCTD through Single Window System.

Source From : DDA