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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -7

Posted By : Dec 27 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. What will be the FAR on Total Pooled Land?

Answer 1. Of the total pooled land, 60% component is proposed to be utilized by the DE/Consortium for Residential, Commercial, Public and Semi Public and other uses for which the FAR shall be as per prevailing Master Plan. Residential FAR for Group Housing to be applicable on Net Residential land. The 40 % land component shall be utilized for various city level facilities by DDA/ Service providing agencies as per the provision of master plan/ZDPs/ Sector Plan.

Question 2. What is the size of EWS Housing Unit?

Answer 2. The size of EWS Housing unit shall range between 30-40 sq.m

Question 3. What are provisions for parking to be adopted for developments under Land Pooling Policy?

Answer 3. Adequate parking shall be provided by the DE/Consortium as per MPD. In case of the EWS housing component, a norm of 0.5 ECS/100 sq.m. of BUA shall be followed.

Question 4. How the grievances among the landowners/ DEs/ service providing agency will be resolved/ redressed.

Answer 4. The grievances among the landowners/ DEs/ service providing agency will be resolved/ redressed as per clause 12(ii) of Regulations as under

  1. There should be in built provision in the agreement entered/to be entered between Consortium and DEs and also in the agreement between Consortium/DEs with the Service Providing
  2. If the disputes between the parties are not settled through conciliation process they may resort to
  3. If the process of mediation fails to resolve the disputes, the parties should resort to Selection of arbitrators, functions and duties should be in accordance with ‘The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996’.
  4. Further if all the processes of conciliation, mediation and arbitration fail to resolve the disputes between the parties in that eventuality the aggrieved party may take recourse to the courts of law and jurisdiction of the courts for the purpose shall be at Delhi/New.

Question 5. What is the Grievance Redressal Mechanism constituted by DDA for resolving dispute in Land Pooling Process.

Answer 5.  A two-stage Grievance Redressal Mechanism will be constituted by the DDA  for resolving disputes/grievances in the land pooling process.

  1. First stage Grievances Redressal Committee headed by the Principal Commissioner (Land Pooling) consisting of Chief Engineer (HQ), Addl Chief Legal Advisor, Director (Land Costing), Director (Building), Director (Plg) Land Pooling, Director (Land Pooling), Director (NIUA) or his nominee and representatives of concerned Service Providing Agencies. The committee will dispose of the grievance within 30 days of receipt of

If any landowner/DE/Consortium is aggrieved by the decision of the first stage Grievance Redressal Committee, the same may be represented before the second Grievances Redressal Committee within 30 days. This Committee will be headed by Vice Chairman, DDA consisting of Finance Member, Engineer Member, Commissioner (Plg), Chief Legal Advisor of DDA and concerned representatives of Service Providing Agencies. The Committee may co-opt other members, as it may require for resolution of grievances. The committee will dispose of the grievance within 45 days of receipt of grievance.

Source From : DDA