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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -6

Posted By : Dec 26 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Delhi Development Authority
Question 1.  What is Developer Entity (DE).

Answer 1. Developer Entity (DE)” means:

1. An individual land owner who has pooled one or more parcels of land in the sector, adding up to a minimum of 2 hectares

2. A group of land owners who have collectively pooled one or more land parcels adding up to a minimum of 2 hectares and who have voluntarily grouped together, through a valid legally enforceable agreement for taking up 

An entity (developer/business/corporate entity) which represents a group of landowners who have pooled one or more land parcels adding up to a minimum of 2 hectares, through a legally binding

Question 2. What is the criteria for the sector being eligible for development under the Policy?

Answer 2. A sector will be considered eligible when:

1. A minimum 70% of the Developable Area in the sector has been pooled

2. The pooled land parcels are contiguous

The entire pooled land is bounded on at least one side by a road of minimum 30m ROW (existing or proposed) as per

Question 3. What percentage of Land shall be retained by the DE/Consortium for their development and for city level infrastructure under the Land Pooling?

Answer 3. A maximum of 60% of pooled land in every sector shall be available to DE/Consortium for development and remaining 40% land to be surrendered as and when required to DDA and service providing agency for development of city level physical infrastructure, recreational and public/semi-public (PSP) facilities.

Question 4. What is the Land Use distribution / utilization on the land retained by DE/Consortium?

Answer 4. The land retained by the Landowner/ DE/ Consortium shall be 60% of  the pooled land. This land shall be utilized for development of gross residential (53%) (including neighborhood level facilities), city level commercial (5%) and city level public/semi-public facilities (2%) as per the provision of Master Plan, notified ZDPs and sector plans.

Question 5. What is the net residential land?

Answer 5. Net Residential land is the area upto a maximum of 55% of Gross Residential land on which residential FAR of 200 is applicable.

Source From : DDA