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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -5

Posted By : Dec 24 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. When will DDA issue the Final Development License (FDL)?

Answer 1.  After applying for FDL in the prescribed performa and satisfactory compliance of Clause 8(III) of Regulations of Land Policy, DDA will issue the Final Development License to DE/Consortium upon payment of the first installment equivalent to 20% of the EDC and other charges as may be prescribed before the Policy is operationalized. The EDC shall be payable on the total pooled land.

Question 2. What is the period/ time frame for the payment of EDC?

Answer 2. External Development Charges shall be payable by DE/Consortium (excluding the first installment) either in lump sum within 90 days from the date of issuance of FDL or in 8 six-monthly installments spread over 48 months along with interest to be charged on deferred payment of EDC in installments which shall be as notified from time to time by the Government/ DDA. However, the final amount to be recovered on account of EDC shall be based on the completion cost of the development works.

Question 3. How much charges towards EDC shall be payable by a DE/ Landowner?

Answer 3. A DE/ Landowner will have to bear proportionate share of EDC on the entire pooled land which has been offered in land pooling. This EDC will be based on the actual cost or laying city level infrastructure. The rate of EDC will be as decided by the Govt. time to time.

Question 4. What is gross residential area (land use)?

Answer 4. This is one of the Component (53%) to be retained by the DE/Consortium for development consisting of net residential area as well as local roads, neighborhood parks, neighborhood facilities such as Local Convenience shopping, Schools, Dispensary, religious building and neighborhood utilities such as Dhalao, 11 KV ESS, waste water treatment plant etc. and other neighborhood level facilities and utilities as per MPD-2021 (wherever applicable) in the ratio of 55 % as net Residential and 45% other facilities and utilities.

Question 5. What is Zonal Development Plan?

Answer 5. Zonal Development Plan means a plan for one of the zones (divisions) of the National Capital Territory of Delhi containing detailed information regarding provision of social infrastructure, parks and open spaces, circulation system, etc.

Source From : DDA