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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -4

Posted By : Dec 22 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. What is Implementation Plan?

Answer 1. “Implementation Plan” means the plan submitted by the Consortium, including details of redistribution of developed land/ built space amongst the landowners, or any other form of fair exchange as decided, through a valid contract agreement in accordance with law.

Question 2. Who will prepare Implementation Plan?

Answer 2. The Consortium will prepare an Implementation Plan containing details as defined in Clause 2(XIII) of Regulations, with the consent of all landowners/ DEs, along with the contract agreement amongst the constituent landowners/ DEs of the Consortium.

Question 3. What is Provisional Development License (PDL)?

Answer 3. Provisional Development License (PDL) means a license issued pursuant to Clause 7 of Regulations for operationalization of Land Policy. It is an important stage in the process of obtaining Final Development License where the layout plan shall be approved by DDA and enter into an agreement with consortium. Once the final entitlement certificate is issued by DDA, the consortium shall prepare a layout plan indicating all neighborhood facilities location, size of land/built spaces (amongst the constituent landowners) for approval of DDA. DDA shall enter into an agreement with consortium after approval of layout plan and issue Provisional Development License.

Question 4. Who will prepare sector plan of the sectors delineated in Zonal Development Plan?

Answer 4. DDA will prepare a plan at the sector level specifying the location of 40% land required for development of city level physical infrastructure, roads, industrial, recreational and public/semi-public (PSP) facilities, and the location of 60% land available for development by the Consortium.

Question 5. What is Development Agreement?

Answer 5. “Development Agreement” means a valid and legally enforceable agreement between DDA/ Service Providing Agency and Consortium to jointly undertake the planning and development of the land pooled as per provisions in the Land Policy and the Regulations.

Source From : DDA