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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -3

Posted By : Dec 21 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. Where/How Tradable FAR will be generated?

Answer 1. Some of the cases where Tradable FAR could be generated are as follows:

  1. There is a shortfall/reduction of plot size/land in any sector due to site
  2. Mandatory buffer zones near heritage sites, environmentally sensitive sites, high tension lines
  • Height restrictions prescribed by Airports Authority of India

Question 2. Where shell the Tradable FAR will be utilized?

Answer 2. Tradable FAR shall be utilized on the receiving sites as identified by the Authority from time to time only after Provisional Development License has been granted by the Authority.

Question 3. Is there any provision for DE/Consortium to be compensated through the Tradable FAR?

Answer  3.  The DE/Consortium shall be compensated in the form of Tradable FAR, only if it is unable to utilize the entire allowable FAR within 60% land. The sites identified for Tradable FAR, would be based on availability of critical resources such as water, proximity to transport infrastructure, etc.

Question 4. What is Single Window System?

Answer 4. “Single Window System” means the online facility developed by DDA for providing an interface between DDA and the DE/Consortium/landowner for managing the implementation of the Land Policy.

Question 5. What is Application Window?

Answer 5. The entire process of the Policy will be operated through an online Single Window System established by DDA, specifically for this purpose. DDA shall phase the application process through announcement of “Application Window” from time to time. Such Application Window shall be opened for inviting applications for a fixed duration of time, providing detailed information on the process to be followed.

Source From: DDA