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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -2

Posted By : Dec 20 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. Whether a landowner having less than 2 ha of land is eligible for separate land parcel for independent development?

Answer 1. No, landowner who owns less than 2 ha land and is not part of any DE, will only be eligible for built space. The return of built space to such landowners will be as decided at the time of finalization of Implementation Plan.

Question 2. What will be the benefit to the farmer Under Land Pooling Policy?

Answer 2. The value of land will increase soon after the implementation of LPP. Return of developed land / built-up space with appreciated land value will make land owners partners in the development process. Planned development will also increase the value of their land through provision of infrastructure and public facilities. The outcomes are expected to be world class ‘smart’ and sustainable neighborhoods, sectors and zones, planned and executed as per the availability of water, power and other infrastructure.

Question 3.  What is Developable Area?

Answer 3. The Developable Area is an area falling in the land pooling areas as notified by DDA/Government from time to time, except the land/villages which are notified under Low Density Residential Area (LDRA), green belt, land under unauthorized colonies (which are yet to be regularized),built up Lal Dora areas (abadi), notified extended Lal Dora of villages, land under natural drains, natural water bodies, heritage sites, flood and irrigation department, railways and airport etc. and the areas available for development as per Clause 3 (III) of Regulations.

Question 4. What is a sector?

Answer 4.  “Sector” means a delineated area in the Zonal Development Plan (ZDP) bound by existing or proposed roads or physical features such as high tensions lines, railway lines, drains etc. as per approved ZDP.

Question 5. What is Tradable FAR?

Answer 5. “Tradable FAR” means FAR which remains unutilized due to  various  conditions as specified in Clause 5(IV) of Regulations, and which can be traded or used elsewhere as per the Policy.

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