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Land Pooling Policy changing the Trends of Realty in Delhi

Posted By : Apr 07 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Land Pooling Policy will benefit those buyers who are looking for affordable homes in Delhi and it will solve the housing issues. As per the modified land pooling policy, now, the developers will get the 60% of the land while DDA will keep the remaining 40% of it. 

Now, getting the dream home in Delhi at an affordable price is no more a dream for those buyers who are with limited budget. Going further discussing the state led mechanisms to acquire, plan and service for urbanization, certain experts at WRI connect Karo event mentioned the example of Land Pooling Policy in Amravati. “In Amravati, privately owned lands were legally transferred and consolidated by the government and land sellers were very much satisfied with the land prices.

Participation in this scheme was voluntary. Most of the land owners sold their land to the government because some of the lands were barren and some of the lands were not easy to work upon. Land owners got the best prices out of their barren land” Said Rejeet Mathews of WRI, who has co-authored a paper on different state-led mechanisms to acquire land for urbanization.

 In Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy Delhi Development Authority has planned to keep 52% of land while giving 48% to the developers. However, this idea irked the real estate developers and it did not benefit the farmers to whom the land belonged. But as per the modified policy, the developers will get the 60% land and DDA will keep the remaining 40%

Regarding this, DDA in January, asked for public advice and suggestions. The authority asked for objections and suggestions regarding the proposed modifications. The policy was already notified by the ministry of Urban Development in September 2013.