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Land Owner who Register Land After Sep 6 Get Back Only 55%:DDA

Posted By : Aug 20 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



Land Holders in Delhi NCR region, who register their Land under the Land Pooling Policy after the finishing date 6th of September, after all infrastructure the development they will only get 55 percent of their land Back.  Although who register their Land before time will be returned 60% of the pooled land, said NR Aravind, director(Planning), Land Pooling Policy, DDA. Arvind speaking on Monday during the 15th National convention organized by NAREDCO in New Delhi.

In February 2019, DDA had brought a single-window online portal for inviting "expression of willingness" from Landowners under the Land Pooling Policy. The limited-time for "expression of willingness" for participation under the this Land Policy, which began at the 4th of August, has been continued till September 6.

In April 2019, DDA speaks that a total of 250 hectares of land had been registered in the period of July 2019, it is said that 1100 hectares of Land had been pooled. In the beginning, the feedback was not very supportive response, though after we reached out of the people through various mediums we get a good response. Instantly 4650 hectares of land has been registered till date, "the Arvind said. DDA hope, to produce 17 lakh dwelling units to house 76 lakh people under its Land Pooling Policy. It will occur nine sectors of five zones K-1, L-Zone, N-Zone, Zone-P-II, and J-zone."Although the size of each sector may differ, the empty Land availability will be more or less similar ranging from 100 to 125 acres," "said Meena Vaidhani, deputy director-planning, DDA.

Meantime, vice chairman, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Tarun Kapoor he said that Delhi, land pooling policy is hope to open-up land banks for affordable housing to come-up in the capital. Further he said, that earlier we were not offering much land parcel to private builders develop however now we have to change the strategy. "We will early start auctioning group housing projects for private sectors. We have already identified some plots," Tarun Kapoor.

Although, there needs to be some mechanism in place so that if land parcels are if offered at lower rates,are used only for affordable housing, Kapoor belives. "In the past we have been that if land parcels are resold many times at low rates. For example in Rohini we offered around 30,000 plots at a lower price, but no construction has been done so far. Happened