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Justice to the Farmers

Posted By : Apr 19 2019

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The ill affect of land acquisition act are known to everybody. Since independence, the government had been taking the lands of farmers in the name of development. We understand that the land is required to support the ever growing population of India as well as Delhi. But Delhi especially has seen a tremendous rise in population. The main reason for this apart from the natural growth is the migration of people in Delhi in search of jobs and a life worthy enough to live. Hence, in the past couple of decades, Delhi had to expand itself in its peripheral areas such as Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Greater Noida. Even though these new places have brought an increase in job opportunities for people, there is a negative affect too. The land used for these areas was taken from the farmers. Farmers always get less compensation for their land. If they were to sell those lands at the market price then they would get a worthy amount of money as compared to that given by the government. But, in the past years, the farmer’s hands have been tied. However, now is the time they can truly vouch for their rights. The low pricing of their lands not only makes them landless but also takes farming land away from them on which the livelihood of many families depends.

The DDA had started a new way of taking land from the farmers for development. This new way is now popularly known as the Land Pooling Policy. According to this policy, various landowners pool their land and hand it to the government. The government then builds basic infrastructure on it and further hands the land to the developer entities who will construct residential and commercial spaces on it. The fascinating thing about this policy is that the farmers who submit their land to the government get more than half of their land back at a new location. Adding to that, they also become the shareholder of development done on this land.

The biggest mistakes that the previous government did was not to give farmers the worth of their land. This will be completely changed under this new scheme of Land Pooling Policy. The present government has finally obliged to the people’s trust on them as they have decided to buy the lands of the farmers at the market rates. The villages in Rohini, Narela etc. where the land pooling is planned will get the full value of their land. The present value of land in these villages is Rs20,000/sq. yd. After the sanctioning of Land Pooling Policy, it will go up to Rs50,000/sq.yd. The government would now pay the circle rates to the farmers so that a fair compensation is allocated to the people. Apart from this, farmers will also be made the shareholders of the development made on this land with half of their land handed back to them.

Therefore, the notification of LPP is of utmost importance as it will help the farmer class to rise up which is very important. The Aam Aadmi Party should take care of this matter as soon as possible. The DDA has done magnificent work to bring this policy and now it is up to the Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, to show how much he cares for the farming class of this nation and city.

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