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Farmers protest against the Delay of Land Pooling Policy Implementation

Posted By : Jun 20 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP



Implementing land pooling policy is a major scheme for the farmers as declared by the Ministry of Government. But unfortunately, there is a delay in implementing the schemes to farmers providing land pooling policy. The part said and farmers are protesting against delay outside Nirman Bhawan. Earlier Delhi Development Authority hopefully described the ready and organizes with July end. It would be submitted to the Ministry which could then notify it accordingly. Of course, Swaraj India Delhi State tweeted regarding the protest and alleged that HUA Minister Hardeep Sing Puri

The delay of land pooling policy has been implemented soon so that farmers have to wait for the confirmation. It has an amazing extent that should implement land pooling policy that goes higher and have flexible solution concerned citizens including farmers, traders, and residents. The party opposed and farmers decide to protest outside Nirman Bhawan.  Anupam replied back and farmers have to stop the protest against the delay of land pooling policy. It meets desires levels and thus has a flexible solution for implementing a policy for development charges and time to reach. Regarding Land Pooling Policy, the Ministry advised not to use social media for disinformation.

It regularly takes place and posed questions regarding landholding, development charges and time of implementation of policy. The farmers also preferred for the scrapping of a Mandatory provision of five-acre landholding. It makes under development charges in the notified policy. This should considered on real factors and implement land pooling and advised him regarding the delay and dismiss the protest soon. It never happens anymore and Ministry of Government is responsible for implementing land pooling policy for farmers.