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Drones Got Deployed by Delhi Development Authority for the mapping of land parcels and Its Scheme of Land Pooling.

Posted By : Aug 24 2019

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Earlier DDA has begun the Geographic Information System for the mapping of land parcels which have been received by farmers and others under their scheme of Land Pooling Policy

New Delhi the DDA has begun Geographic Information System from which they would be able to map the land parcels which was registered under Land Pooling policy by many individual landowners and farmers from the rural areas Of Delhi.

The drone survey which is being done by an agency in Delhi's 'N Zone' for the mapping of land registered so far the survey shows its boundary with neighboring Haryana. The drone survey shows that many villages like Kanjhawala, Bawana comes under N Zone, The IIT Rookie and survey of India have been given the work of drone survey of pooled lands. Later on, the senior DDA official said that N ZONE has been chosen to this pilot project because it has a large piece of land which have been pooled under the policy.

The DDA official in the statement also said that the data which have been collected through the drone survey will assist us to prevent the unauthorized constructions of housing units in such areas. he added that this kind of survey can also be used for the mapping of the land of other zones in Delhi as well, it will help us finish this the task as early as possible and can give us good results. Not only will this it help us to prepare digital statistic of the pooled lands.

The official said that Delhi government earlier decided to do the survey of 893 unauthorized colonies with the help of two agencies, but because of some issues, the survey project got failed. The DDA has registered more lands in Quturbagh, Sultanpur Dabas, Bakhtawarpur, except Kanjhawala and Bawana under the Land Pooling Policy.

For the very first time, the agency which owns the Lands had launched its online web portal in February to invite all the individuals, who wanted to register their lands under the Land Pooling Policy but in the starting, the result wasn't good but however, people started to register their lands under the policy.

Earlier the last date of registering the land under the policy was August 4 but DDA extended the date till September 6 said the DDA official.

In a released statement DDA official said that they have 4,452 hectares of Land till august 4 of which only 23% was the developable area. It is also being said that around 34,180 hectares of land are available in all the five zones for the Land Pooling.

The official from DDA also said that GIS mapping by drone survey of all the lands may also be used for preparing the Master Plan Delhi 2041 to provide Delhiites better housing units. With the help of this, we can get accurate maps of lands and it will also show us how much land is for agriculture and for Construction," he said.

The Land Pooling Policy has an aim to develop around 17 lakh houses in which 5 lakhs houses would be made for economically weak sections of the Delhi.