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Delhi Pours out its Heart to Support Land Pooling Policy and MPD 2021

Posted By : Jun 21 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP

Share: would like to thank all our petitioners for pouring out their heart for Land Pooling Policy. We are overwhelmed, and would like to share few comments on the petitions, with you:

1. I am a govt servant. I am waiting for the land pool policy from last 3 years. Now i am going to retire in December this year & i dont have my own flat so i want land pool policy should be done. Thanks

Kisaano ka hit mat maro…

2. I’m signing because Delhi needs planned development which is more important than regularisation of unplanned colonies.It will be a dream come true for the home buyer…it will signify prosperity for the farmer…it will bring a real estate revolution to the heart of the country’s capital.

3.I think land polling policy is the only way by which we can have sustainable Development in Delhi which is overcrowded today and is languishing with the problemsof sanitation , imprper housing facilities etc. If we can develop the outskirts of the Delhi in a planned manner i think we can solve much of the problems existing in Delhi at present and land pooling policy is one such initiative through which atleast a part of these problems could be addressed.

4. I think the delay is motivated and politics is being played out on such a sensitive issue. The Delhi Government needs to understand that ultimately it’s for the benefit of the middle class people of Delhi and the Government is a representative of them also. I hope, quick action is taken for it’s implementation, without further delay.

5. So CM Sir, it’s our humble request to kindly passed the resolution in this effect at the earliest.

7. Land Pooling Policy(LPP) is the future of our growing Delhi. Let our Delhi Government realise the grave issue of housing that we all face, the day to day problem of parking, children playing on street due to lack of playing space, aged ones confined to homes because of lack of walking space……all these could be sorted out by one proactive action of the part of Delhi Government, which we all have choosen, as our PRIDE…..Let the Government not let it down..and keep our morale high….I wish Kejriwal Sir,,all the best to keep up with the aspiration of all his followers….regards

8. One of the biggest real estate revolutions in the history of Delhi is expected under the Master Plan of Delhi-2021. Housing built under Land Pooling Policy will provide better quality of life. Implement much waited Land Pooling Policy. Implementation of the Land Pooling Policy is in the interest of the nation. Implementation of the Land Pooling Policy is the key to making Delhi population rise above the poverty level. Non-implementation of the land pooling policy may ensure that people remain poor.
Millions of jobs to be created and billions of rupees to flow into the city for development. Large numbers of Schools, Hospitals, Vocations Institutions, commercial hubs etc will be established.
Kindly declare 89 villages as urban village as earlier as possible.

Please Sign the Petition and help in speed up implementation for Land Pooling Policy.