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Delhi Government is likely to increase the Circle rates for agricultural land 10 times higher than the old circle rates

Posted By : Dec 26 2019

Posted On : Dwarka L Zone Consultants



As per the demands from the farmers from all over Delhi, Delhi Government has finally decided to increase the circle rates of agricultural lands in National Capital Delhi, as per the data provided by the government shows that old circle rates for agricultural lands were 53 lakhs per acre which has now been revised to Rs 2.25-5 crore per acre which depends on the districts. In the conference, Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that it’s been more than 11 years since the circle rates of agricultural rates have been revised. The Delhi Government will send it to lieutenant governor Anil Baijal for the Final Approval.

There is nothing bad in this bill so LG has no reason to reject the proposal, the CM said. He also added that the circle rate is a minimum price of a property made for the purpose of charging stamp duty on the sale or transfer of a property.

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the circle rates of Agricultural lands of national capital Delhi have not been revised for 11 years and the existing rates were below the market price. The farmers were not getting their rightful dues when their lands were acquired by governments for many different schemes and projects said by the CM. After the long wait of 11 years, the Delhi Government's state cabinet today has approved the revised rates of circle rates of agricultural lands in rural, urban and green belts villages of Delhi.

While these announcements were made by government the Housing and Urban Government minister Satyendar Jain and state revenue minister Kailash Gahlot was also present at the press conference.

The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also stated that around 37000 hectares of lands form 200 villages were carried out from farming activities. In 2015 while presenting his budget in the parliament finance minister Manish Sisodia has proposed the proposal for increasing the circle rates from 53 lakhs to 3.5 crores, which was later sent to LG for the final approval but it got declined by the Lieutenant governor.

The proposal announced by the AAP government was bad in law said by LG Najeeb Jung while arguing about the circle rates increasing proposal. he also said it is a reserved subject which comes under the central government, he had also said that the Delhi government had revised the rates of land that would later come under the Land Pooling Policy.

On the basis of Delhi high court judgment on August 4, 2016, to decide the powers of State government, LG and Center, the Lieutenant government had asked Delhi government to resend its notification about the raised circle rates which was approved by Delhi Government without his approval, he had also asked the newly elected government to make a fresh proposal after rectifications.

While all these challenges in a verdict given by supreme court in February 2019 a division of supreme court bench, after hearing bunch of petitions of powers of state government, LG and Center the supreme court had declared that state council of Ministers was competent to increase the circle rates of agricultural lands of National Capital Delhi after which it needs to be sent to LG for final approval. According to the sources, the AAP government then formed a committee and made a new proposal and submitted it to LG a few months ago recommending a multiple-fold hike in circle rates of Agricultural lands of Delhi.

While addressing the media in his press conference the Delhi's Chief Minister said that revised circle rates are 5 to 10 times better than the old agricultural land circle rates. It will make a better and long way result for the farmers who have faced distress in the capital city and who have been adversely affected by the low prices offered for their holdings on their lands.