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Delhi Government demands 12-15% land from DDA’s LPP to create a new row

Posted By : Jul 02 2016

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It’s really saddening to know that how many times a government whose chief minister is an IIT alumni and an ex-civil servant can stall a policy as important as Land Pooling Policy for such a long time and with so many ways. Yes, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has again come up with a new strategy to delay the massive development which is being planned by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) since September 2013 when they first brought LPP. In the latest news regarding this, the Delhi Government has shaken the faith of people of Delhi by asking 12-15% of land from DDA’s pooled policy for free.

The Ministry of Urban Development has already issued notification on guidelines for operationalisation the policy of LPP long back in May 2015, in which 95 villages had to be declared as Development Areas and 89 villages as urban villages. The Gram Sabha and the Municipal Committees have done their homework in bringing these 95 villages to the revenue department of the Delhi Government. Last year AAP Government created a fuss over the revenue operations under these 95 villages, but even after getting things according to their own terms, the implementation of LPP is nowhere in the picture. With the approval urbanisation of these villages, the government had united the people for LPP and gave them hope. But, since the last 14 months, the government has stopped replying to the letters that different agencies rooting for LPP have send to them requesting them to look into the matter and fast track the approval of the policy. These bodies were FedHSDD (Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi), Delhi LPP, DDA, BJP, Central Govt, Kisan Mahapnachayat and common man’s plea through various sources.

The current news of government asking for 12-15% free land from DDA’s pooing is nothing but digging deep to delay this milestone policy. They are giving shallow reasons that they require land for facilities related to industrial areas, old-age homes, hostels, etc. The demand of 10-15% land for such development is a sheer illogical step as it is clearly stated that all the development regarding infrastructure in Delhi will be taken care by the DDA. Either the government wants to take credit from the DDA for bringing LPP or wants to become the controller of the policy, it is hampering the lives of millions of people rooting for affordable/EWS housing that’s possible only through LPP implementation.

Moreover, this demand makes AAP’s intention suspicious because if they wanted their share in the land, they should have asked 14 months ago. This would have saved time as DDA will have to again create new calculations and strategies to make room for this 15% of demand. The sudden wake up from the Delhi Government will cause a lot of imbalance in Delhi. Even if DDA manages to come up with a logical conclusion of this last minute demand from AAP, it will consume lot of time in the already delayed policy.

The Master Plan Delhi (MPD) 2021 which is considered as the global face of Delhi will get a huge set back as MPD’s soul is LPP.  Also, the builders’ who have already invested Rs 35000 crore in this project will have to escalate the prices of the projects which will dilute the whole agenda of LPP’s affordable housing. The government is hampering their chance of establishing themselves as the economic powerhouse in India as LPP will bring a revenue of Rs. 50,000 crores or $7.3 US billion. They should understand that MPD is lying on the papers since 2007 whereas LPP has arrived since 2013 and in this fast paced world where the global economy is making big shifts every day, a delay of more than a couple of years will really create big problems to Delhi.

In a nutshell, AAP government’s temporary win in a cold war against DDA may make them feel good, but steps like these are creating a permanent damage in the lives of common man. We request both from the Delhi Government as well as DDA to kindly negotiate a deal between themselves regarding the sharing of land quickly before the limit of Delhi’s Aam Aadmi patience is over. Instead of implementing the policy, the government is making new plans to jeopardizing its affect which will not go down good in the memory lane of the people.