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Delhi Development have been looking areas under Its New Land Pooling Policy in Bawana and Sultanpur Dabas

Posted By : Nov 19 2019

Posted On : Dwarka L Zone Consultants



As of Now DDA has said that three sectors amongst for they announced under the policy have collected 70% of Contiguous Land. After all the searches and exercises Delhi Development Authority found that they have successfully registered 70% contigious Land near Bawana and Sultanpur Dabas which is required for a sector to go for further development Under the Land Pooling Policy. As earlier it was mentioned in DDA's Land Pooling Policy guidelines that if sector would be developed then it must have accumulated 70% of required Land.

As per the news and statements given by DDA that they successfully registered 6000 hectares of Land under Land Pooling Policy by the end of September from their web portal which was launched in February this year. After this DDA's senior official has said that they have asked the Department of Revenue of Delhi Government to appoint officers who verify the applications submitted under the policy.

As DDA were doing internal exercises they found that Sector 17, 20 and 21 from N Zone have been qualified for the development as the data shows that these sectors have accumulated 70% of required lands but it will depend final verification process which would be performed by Delhi Government if it will also show that these sectors have reached to that percentage of Land then these land would be developable. Said by a DDA official.

The Agency which owns the lands registered by landowners is carrying out the mapping process and also verifying other areas/sectors where 70% land already has been accumulated. As we all have discussed and read in the news published by DDA that they Divided Delhi into five Zones later on these zones were divided into smaller sectors "according to the guidelines of Policy it was showing that to qualify any of the sector for development that sector must be carrying 70% developable area, free of obstruction free area, is required to be pooled" the policy states.

After all the processes if a sector once gets the required land then urban body of DDA will give invitations to stakeholders to form consortium for the development to that particular sector the official said. He added that DDA is also planning to held a meeting soon with all the landowners who have registered their lands the Delhi Land Pooling Policy to pool their respective lands and they will also be asked to form a consortium which is also required to develop any of the sector said by official. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development had already approved in October last year that 76 lakhs new housing units needs to be developed in the National Capital Delhi.