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Delay in Land Pooling Policy Echoes in Parliament

Posted By : Oct 09 2016

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The land pooling policy has again become the talk of the town. After the HC (High Court) verdict where administrative powers were rightfully held with the LG (Lieutenant Governor) of Delhi, various development has begun to fast track the implementation of land pooling policy. The opposition has already made it clear that the delay of LPP by Delhi government will harm this city in the long run. In the latest news piece, this issue was also raised in the parliament. The stand-by development mode due to the delay of the policy is creating a buzz in the masses of Delhi.

Delhi Government should at least now understand the vertex of LPP as even the Lok Sabha discussions are echoing about it. This happened in the latest Lok Sabha holding where MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma of West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency showed desperation for the implementation of the policy. The Honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha, Sumitra Mahajan saw this as highly important topic given the wide range of benefits under Land pooling Policy for everyone to enjoy. The Lok Sabha members were made to know the minute details of this policy. DDA, as always was the recipient of praise for notifying it in 2013. In this policy, farmers can pool their land and can make flats on them in a much efficient way than in the urbanization policies of Gurgaon and Noida. Parvesh Singh targeted the faults of Kejriwal led government for not notifying the urbanization of 89 villages for this policy. This irresponsible behavior of Delhi Government is robbing the farmers of Delhi from getting urbanized. He discussed the potential of LPP which is a single source solution for multiple problems in Delhi such as growth of unauthorized colonies, shortage of affordable houses, employment, fallen real estate sector and many such hitches. In the end, he urged and requested Delhi government to come at common grounds with DDA and Ministry of Urban Development so that there are no further disruptions over the implementation of LPP.

The issue erupting in Parliament has now assured the farmers and buyers of properties that Delhi Government will soon have to act on this policy. This is in addition to the HC verdict claiming the powers to LG. The verdict has also made sure that Delhi government cannot ask full public mandate on the grounds of Vidhan Sabha elections as BJP also has all 7 MPs from Delhi which they can use for the same purpose. The reason why such amount of pressure is laid on Delhi Government because it is not standing what it declared when it asked 12-15% share in the pooled land. Replying to a question from Shri Neeraj Shekhar in Rajya Sabha on this delay in LPP implementation, the Minister of State in Union Urban development, Shri Rao Inderjit Singh answered that DDA has deemed these demands as illogical in nature, mentioning these to be neither reasonable nor economically viable. DDA further questioned the credibility of their demands, after the Union Ministry of Urban Development has already transferred 27,000 bigha of Gram Sabha Land to Delhi Govt. and also offered land at Re 1 per annum for developing social infra.

Hence all in all, Delhi Government should now oblige the people who voted them to power, as well as listen to various authorities’ assertion on implementation of Land Pooling Policy.