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DDA Vice-Chairman Announced: Some Homes to be launched soon within an affordable price of Rs 30 lakhs

Posted By : Aug 29 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



New Delhi is facing issues regarding the housing areas which don't have any authorized colonies. There is a lack of demand and supply in the city as the population is rising but the legalized housing colonies are less. Many people nowadays are having problems with purchasing their home at affordable ranges as the prices of the properties are reaching to the sky. 

While giving a speech at the 15th National Convention of NAREDCO Tarun Kapoor who is the Vice-Chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) gave a statement that "Many unauthorized colonies are being recognized in Delhi due to not fulfilling the required demand and supply. Earlier the land wasn't provided to the private developers to build a large scale of housing buildings. The DDA doesn't actually allow the private developers to construct a large amount of group housing buildings. But now the DDA is making changes in its policies and is developing large areas to make buildings and provide affordable housing to people."

The three amendments made by the DDA are:

• To Support and provide the Affordable Group Housing

• To present lands of group housing projects to developers

• To do the groundwork of Land Pooling Policy and the development of the private plots in the capital city Delhi.

Tarun Kapoor said "The Land Pooling Policy is expected to make great affordable housing units. Delhi Development Authority has set a reasonable range for the housing and has now allowed 15% of reservation for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)." Land Pooling Policy plays a huge role in developing cities. For the middle-class people purchasing a home in a city like Delhi is what they think too many times. Affordability is one thing that should come in their budget to buy their home and give their family security. If we see around, there are a small number of developers who launches apartments within a range of 20-30 lakhs or even within 10 lakhs.

But now, the DDA Land Pooling Policy is changing and is in the support of providing affordable homes. There is an estimated amount of 17 lakhs new housing units launching soon which will be providing housing to more than nearly 70 lakhs of people. Along with it, the DDA has also introduced an online portal on 5th of February 2019 so that people can do online registrations under the Land Pooling Policy Scheme. However, the last date of registration has been delayed from August 4 to 6th of September. Hence, if you are looking to purchase your own home within your budget then get a property constructing under the Land Pooling Policy.