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DDA Takes The Recent Development On Privately Owned Lands

Posted By : Jul 07 2018

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Currently, the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) brings a lot of changes and it has issued a notification for enabling the planned development on the privately owned lands in the Capital, most importantly, the Ministry of Housing, as well as Urban Affairs (MoHUA), also said on Thursday. In addition to this land pockets for acquisition proceedings also quashed by the courts, said by the Ministry. Apart from that, the policy will be applicable and also perfect for the private land pockets. Even it has been left over from the planned development. On the other hand, it could not be acquired.

Of course, the notification and other factors also state development on the privately-owned land and it will be in consonance with the land, in addition to this use as notified in the Master Plan Delhi 2021, said by the Centre.

Earlier the process of planned development was based on the developer of the land and large-scale acquisition, these are also taken based on the MPD-1962, after the MPD-2021, a critical reform has been envisaged in the prevailing Land Pooling Policy as well as facilitating public-private partnership.

Overall, the Ministry said that the policy as well as it will not be applicable on the areas which are falling inland pockets under the regional parks, ridge, monument regulated zones, reserved forest areas and others. Delhi master plan is the ideal development for the people with the middle-class background that offer different residential solutions which means people with middle-class people also has possibilities to enjoy the modern lifestyle.

Not applicable areas

Based on the policy shall not be applicable on the areas which are also falling in Zone O,  in general, this area is also covered under water bodies, land parcels, disputed lands that are already eligible for land pooling. The main aim of the land pooling is to offer the best housing solutions to the people with the different financial background.