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DDA stated: About 5,028 hectares of land has been pooled till date 30th of August

Posted By : Aug 31 2019

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Some time ago, the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) had implemented the new Land Pooling Policy in which the earlier two months where the landowners from approx 95 villages in Delhi who have made a sign up on the online portal. With more than 4,000 hectares of land has been submitted by the landowners, now it has started being pooled within a period of time of a month i.e. from 1 July to 30 August. But, from the DDA point of view based on their data collection, it said that there were only a few amounts of less than 1000 land hectares in the new land pooling policy was pooled till last month 1 July, whereas the data report of this month signifies that from the zones N, K-1, L, P-2 received 2654 hectares, 1152 hectares, 195 hectares, 1027 hectares of land was pooled making a total amount of 5,028 hectares of land had been pooled till date 30th August.

One of the officials of DDA gave a statement that the mapping of the pooled land is still in the process along with the participation of the landowners from Sector-2 (Alipur) and Sector- 21, 20, 17 (Bawana). They also said the sector areas are is assumed to gain the beginning development at a minimum of 70 percent lands if the scenario would be the same.

The DDA has made rough planning to develop these sectors and provide world-class infrastructures with providing all the facilities. In this year February, the Land Pooling Policy portal was introduced and it will still be remaining open for the landowners till date 6th of September.

People who have successfully enrolled to submit their lands would be verified by the team and also the sectors which have qualified to come under the land pooling policy will further start to the procedure of development. After that, DDA would be sending a notice letter to the landowners to form the lands of the consortium.

Then, this consortium will be preparing a whole plan to execute while being in contact with the landowners and it will be finally signing a contract agreement among each other before applying for a single legal entity to the DDA to develop the sector areas.

As per the new Land Pooling Policy which had been launched last year in September. Keep the new land policy in mind, the landowners will now have the right to apply to the company to pool some parts of the lands and start to develop the facilities in the area so that the lands would be given back to the landowners after the development even without having their ownership.