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DDA Reminds Delhi Govt. of Gram Sabha Land Already Transferred to it Last Year for Infra Development

Posted By : Jul 04 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP



The DDA reminded Delhi Government about the transfer of Gram Sabha land of 95 villages to revenue department, while declining its demand of sharing DDA’s pooled land. Thus, the mystery and suspicion regarding Land Pooing Policy (LPP) have now taken the form of drag and drama by the unified efforts of Delhi’s major policy makers. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has made its intentions clear that they cannot afford to give pooled land under LPP free to the government of Delhi. In the latest news regarding this beneficial policy, DDA’s officials replied to the demand of 10-15% land by the AAP-led government a couple of days back. They made it clear that any change in the already highly calculated plan for development will blow up the whole plan and will further delay the policy.

DDA’s and Union Urban Development Ministry’s LPP has time and again faced the road block from the Delhi Government. Previously, in May 2015, the guidelines for the operationalization of LPP was set after the Government’s demand to transfer the 95 villages under the revenue department. Kisan Mahapanchayat and Municipal Committee made this possible but it looks like their efforts are going in vain. The notification to urbanize these 95 villages is still not done by the government. The demand for free land from DDA as it is was a blow and it has created a chain reaction which will make sure that the dream of Delhi’s common man to own affordable houses in Delhi through Land Pooling Policy is pushed in the political darkness of Delhi.

The current step from DDA has made it almost clear that government’s vague demands will not be met. However, the main policy makers of DDA are yet to give a final statement of this stand which doesn’t seem a decision that will surprise anyone. If the DDA agrees to the demands of the government, they will have to create an entirely new plan since new research will have to be done regarding the precise demands of the government. DDA’s plan under LPP is to bring huge development and infra in Delhi which is also the basis for Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD 2021). Also, previously where DDA had to face multiple problems in acquiring land under the Land Acquisition Act, now LPP seems the only way to bring affordable housing to the people of Delhi.

It looks like the common man is a mere spectator watching the passing game of DDA and the Delhi Government. They both need to understand that the plan is very affective and has the potential to change the landscape of Delhi. Even many other organizations such as FedHSDD (Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi), Delhilpp, BJP, NGOs, Central Government, Builders Association and many such bodies have already verified the plan of LPP under different levels and given the details to Delhi Government. Time has come for either DDA or Delhi Government to take a strong and authoritative step which even if undermines the power of other authorities is able to bring LPP for the ultimate benefit of the people of Delhi.