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DDA organized Field visit for Land Pooling policy in Mukhmelpur village (Zone P-II)

Posted By : Jul 24 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



The Information in this is about the reference of the visit done in the Village Mukhmelpur (Zone P-II) regarding the purpose of Land Pooling Policy:

DDA has recently launched the Public Outreach program about Land Pooling Policy so that all the landowners will be aware of the policy. A field campaign was coordinated with NIUA and local stakeholders at the village Mukhmelpur on Thursday 11th July 2019 at exact 10 AM. The head of the Land Management Department, Planning Department, National Institute of Urban Affairs along with DDA had an interacting session with more than 200 landowners and farmers in the awareness program.

In the starting of the program, the Planning Department gave a presentation, after that the DDA explained the main aspects of the Land Pooling Policy and covered the major advantages of the Planning Development. Also, the information about the concept of the Land Pooling Policy, Development of the Land, the terms of participation and the process of participation was thoroughly described. Afterward, the representatives of the NIUA introduced the model sector layouts to the farmers and landowners gave an explanation in the detail about the conceptual drawings. 

There was a Question-Answer session held to make the session more interactive and understanding for the landowners and farmers, where there were many queries of the farmers and landowners were resolved. The DDA and the landowners had a discussion about the Land Pooling Policy from the root level and it was successful in solving the queries of people making them understand the whole process. In the end, the session got ended with a thanks message given to all the villagers.

Further, the DDA decides to organize more campaigns including the senior members participate and have an interacting session with the landowners. This is how the plans and schedules are being worked out.