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DDA Holds Enrollment of Land Pooling Policy till September 6

Posted By : Aug 07 2019

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23.3% of Land got registered in six months - A statement said by Urban Bodies:

DDA (Delhi Development Authority) recently announced regarding the last date of the Land Pooling Policy registration that has been fixed now on the 6th of September. 

Land Pooling Policy often known as LPP was launched this year in February has now been placed a deadline of six months. In this period of time, the interested stakeholders were said to register their properties by 4th of August. 

A Request made by Landowners:

Although, the approx amount of 4,452 hectares got registered with owners of land till 4th of August which DDA had just done 23.3% of the developed area being registered.

The on demands and Insistent by the landowners about the interest of participation under Land Pooling Policy and also request to put forward the time limit. These two were the issues which became reasons behind the extension of the registration date up to 6 September of the policy as described by the officials of DDA.

The Urban body declared that a total amount of 34,180 hectares land is available in the five sectors under the land pooling policy.

The center approved the land pooling policy in last year October where it ensures to make available about 17 Lakh houses in which five Lakhs are reserved for the economically weaker sections.

The policy had set an estimate idea of providing almost 76 lakh homes to people in the main capital region.
Meanwhile, many associates of stakeholders have shown their matter of concern is the delay among the land pooling policy, by having made the statement saying that some buyers have been paying for their apartments since the year 2003.

The DDA has stated that the development through the land pooling policy is in the process of likely to be planned and executed in a manner that the sectors, zones, will have a world-class smart residency having all the facilities. 

Whereas the landowners and the group of owners can pool any size of the lands for its development and the 70% proximate land of the slight amount is meant to be needed before the development could take place.