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DDA Focus on Affordable PPP model Housing in Delhi

Posted By : Aug 13 2019

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DDA which is known as urban Developers of the capital city Delhi will now focus on PPP (PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP) instead of making flats and commercial spaces in Delhi. It is said that the Land Pooling Policy is one of the main projects in the direction of DDA under which many middle-class families will see 1.7 units of smart, world-class affordable houses in neighborhoods in next few years.

The recently joined IAS officer KAPOOR said that DDA will give more focus on auctioning of Land and will make housing project with the help of private builders they will work as facilitators in such areas. In talking with MAIL, TODAY Kapoor said that DDA has own 5000 acres OF LAND and sold four lakhs houses while 60000 units are under construction. In these few years, DDA has seen that demand of the home build by them is getting dropped due to the lack of transportation issue. The Land Pooling Policy which has been introduced earlier in February this year has set 6 September deadline for farmers and others to register their pieces of Land. 

The agency which owns the Land has received around 5000 application from the landowners and over 4,452 hectares of land has been registered till the first week of August. it is said that the owners or group of owners can pool land of any size for development and can take 70 percent of contiguous land which is required before the development takes the place in 100 sectors which DDA has plans to Develop.

In his talks with MAIL Today, he also said once the land is pooled and a consortium gets created and also when the pooled land will get approved by Delhi Government then we can start working on the pooled lands in coming four years on the ground level. He also added that we will give sustainable, world-class neighborhoods to the people of Delhi.

The project would be neighboring areas bordering Delhi like Narela, Rohini, Dwarka and the southern part of the national capital Delhi. Kapoor also said that forty percent of the pooled land would be developed for government service providing agencies like DJB, PWD and government agencies. It has also been said that developer will get 60 percent of pooled land from which he will make residential townships on 53 percent of the land, 5 percent would be used for commercial and other 2 percent land would be used for public or semi-public facilities.