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DDA Developing Two New Model Sectors to Push Delhi Land Pooling

Posted By : Jul 11 2019

Posted On : Delhi LPP



DDA has thought to develop two model sectors to promote their idea of Land Pooling Policy. Delhi Development Authority will make these sectors on the lands which have been pooled till now and will showcase the development for the future. The Authority believes it will encourage the landowners to submit their Land. To make easy participation in Land Pooling Policy DDA launched a web portal on 5th of February 2019. It was planned by DDA that they will open the portal till August, it didn’t work for the authority so they decided to open web portal of Land Pooling Policy for a longer period of time. Even DDA’S vice chairman also said that they were not expecting a big result in such time. DDA has got 1300 paid registration and 1100 hectares of Land have been pooled. As of now, lands got separated in different sectors according to the norms 70 percent lands must be congruous.

DDA said they are going to build model sectors in Khanjiwala near Rohini they were confident that once the model sectors will come up, owners will be excited to get their pooled land. They are contacted with Delhi Government to provide them Water Facility make land pooling policy possible. DDA is forced to make (flat area ratio) of 400 into 200 because of unavailability water and other resources.

DDA is taking other ideas to promote Land Pooling Policy; they made pamphlets and clips to make people aware of the policy. They will open helpdesk and offices for the help in the above-said areas of Delhi.

The vice chairman of DDA said 1100 hectares is a small victory and we will soon try to pool 1900 hectares of Land he added the only problem is pooled land already separated in different sectors.