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DDA carries out the mapping of Land Pooling Policy

Posted By : Oct 15 2019

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As per the statement from DDA spokesperson they have to send the data of Land Pooling to the government for final approval.

With the registration ended on September 6, 2019, of Land Parcels under the DDA'S New Land Pooling Policy DDA now has started the mapping process of the pooled land said by DDA officials.

The has DDA announced its New Land Pooling Policy ON the 5th of February under which they have registered 6000 hectares of land till the given date. DDA officials also said that they have sent the data to Delhi Government and DDA'S internal revenue department has started its primary verification process.

Registration of Lands

In a statement given by a senior DDA official, he said that the primary verification process of Pooled Land is under process once it gets over Delhi Development Authority will send it to Delhi Government's revenue department for further Authentication of Registered Lands. The mapping of pooled lands is under process which will help us to know which sector will qualify under the DDA'S new policy he also stated that a minimum of 70% of the land is required to make that sector eligible for the development.

Those sectors which will achieve a minimum of 70% adjoining lands after verification will be eligible for the final development for which DDA will send a notice to all the landowners to make consortium as a single legal organization under the Land Pooling Policy and to prepare an implementation plan. The DDA officials also said that there is no "exact timeline" have been fixed under which the verification will be ended, he also added that consortium can only be made once the authentication of pooled land gets over.

It is also being stated that this policy which will provide house to 76 lakhs people got approved by the central government in October last.