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DDA approved land pooling policy Today

Posted By : Sep 07 2018

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The Delhi land Pooling Policy is to be approved on Friday by DDA (Delhi development authority).  The Delhi development authority had place modified picture of the land pooling policy in January 2018 in the public domain.  It invites lots of obligations and suggestions from the public.   It was ensured by the board on public hearing which was held in July. In January 734 received responses from the authority for the issue.

Land pooling policy report created by this board and submitted on the inquiry.  It will be conversed in the DDA authority on the board meeting by lieutenant governor Anil Baijal. In the statement, DDA member and leader opposition of Dehli assembly said the policy on Friday, in Thursday meeting.

In the board inquiry, Vijender Gupta who is MLA of BJP said the Land Pooling Policy gets agreed on Friday.   In the public hearing report of the policy has been submitted by the authority.  This policy acquires passed in the board meeting depend on the report.  He is one of the board members on the inquiry.

Now all residential projects in the city come under the land pooling policy. It helps home buyers to stay on a beautiful resident with no issues. This policy is considered important while buying property in Delhi.  It assists house owners to access home with water facilities.  It also offers a good solution for people those who invest in the real estate.  It allows people to access all facilities in the residents.   Numerous people are interested to invest on real estate project in the city to live in amazing and modern amenities. It is the most preferable place for investors.

Consequences of the policy:

This policy helps people to live in a beautiful environment with their family members. It makes them access residents by investing fewer amounts in the city. It also helps to access all facilities in the projects.  Vijender Gupta ensured a reduction of FAR of the policy in the meeting. It had been considered as public demand on the consultations. In addition, he claimed they policy and allow only 200-floor area ratio instead of 400 FAR due to unavailability of expected water.  He said the reduction of floor area to offer resident to two lakh families at a reasonable price. He included that the Delhi government had unable to offer enough water to the city.

The shortage of water is a setback to center efforts for most of the families at lower budget housing in Delhi. In the reported shortage of the water will be recorded in Delhi, he said.   If once the land pooling policy will be approved then this policy sent to urban affairs and union housing ministry. The land pooling policy was developed for various processes and established in 2013.  According to the policy, real estate developer might pool land for 60% for a residential project, and residential project, the other 40% will ensure to DDA.

The issue on the policy:

The senior DDA member said the policy must be approved on the authority meeting.  The authority had reduced floor area due to a shortage of the water. When asked about the land pooling policy development, DDA had raised the question on the meeting, lieutenant governor participated.  In the various meeting, he raised these issues to get a solution for the demand of the water.  The meeting will be conducted in front of Anil Baijal.  At the end of the meeting the land pooling policy is approved by the authority.

The responsibility of DJB:

Delhi Jal board is a responsibility to supply enough water to the city. The DDA authority said if there is no limited, then they cannot able to start a project in Delhi. The floor area ratio will be reduced to 200.  It is implemented in the city then the policy owner able to parcels to hold the land to pool. It allows real estate developers to sell homes to clients.