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Centre Informs The Land Pooling Policy To 95 Villages of Delhi

Posted By : Oct 15 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP


The ministry of urban and housing affairs has announced the land pooling policy recently for the capital city named Delhi. It is significant to know that this land pooling policy is applicable in various urbanizable regions of the urban extensions available in roughly about ninety-five villages in Delhi. It replaces the previous policy announced in the year 2013.

The government of India told that there is an active role of farmers and private in both assembling land and constructing social as well as physical infrastructure. Either landowners or the group of landowners can pool the land parcels for growth that has actually to be minimum two hectares of land.  When it comes to DDA, it is estimated for creating up to 17 lakh housing units out of that around 5 lakh is available under the EWS category. The seventeen lakh housing units are capable of properly accommodating roughly about 76 lakh individuals.

Under the land pooling policy, the agencies will create various infrastructures such as community centers, stadia, hospitals, schools and roads on a portion of this pooled land, as well as return a part of these plots to the farmers who will presently execute the housing projects by using the private builders.

According to the approved policy, there are roughly about sixty percentages of land is used for the real estate development that includes five percentages for the commercial purpose and fifty-three percentages for residential development. Rough about forty percentages of this pooled land is used to develop infrastructure.

All farmers having land of various sizes will participate under this land polling policy. Though, the minimum land to be engaged in the development will be 2 hectares.  An individual or developer entity can join this by simply pooling the land parcels enclosed under the sector based on the Zonal Development Plan, told by DDA.