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Central Government Accepts Delhi Govt.’s Demand for DDA’s Share of LPP

Posted By : Jul 12 2016

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The Central Government of India is now giving a major push to Delhi Government to approve Land Pooling Policy (LPP). In the latest development of this issue, Delhi government’s demand to get 15% share in DDA’s pooled land is agreed by the Ministry of Urban Development. In fact, the Urban Ministry has sanctioned more than what Kejriwal government had asked for. This is a big news as just a week back Delhi had made its demand and we can understand the seriousness of LPP that the Central Government has within 10 days made the draft that can be a win-win situation for both the Delhi Government as well as DDA. This will ultimately lead to common man’s victory.

In the press release of the Ministry of Urban Development, one can see that almost every issue that made Delhi Government uncomfortable to implement LPP has now been resolved. AAP government’s major cause of concern was that future accomplishment in development under Land Pooling Policy may not be possible and if it can be synchronized with the current situations in Delhi. Now, the Central Government has taken the matters into its hands fulfilling more than satisfactorily the demands of the Delhi government. Urban Ministry has brought a pretty logical conclusion to the tussle between DDA and the government if Delhi. It has cut the rates for many premium locations which will eventually be profitable for these authorities. We should understand that even though Delhi government’s demand was late, provided that they got 95 villages in their revenue department but a sense of reasoning was there.

The various land coming under infrastructure such as medical requirements, hospitals, night shelters, staff quarters, local bodies of NCT, graveyards, playgrounds, water parks etc. will have a nominal charge of Re 1. Many of these have seen a drastic cut in prices in more than 50%. Rates of DTC offices have also been cut to a bare 15-20% from the original rates. The same has happened for all the land coming under government offices of NCT. The government of Delhi has further been helped in the form of Rs 658 crores for the construction purposes of decongesting Mahipalpur, connecting Aerocity, Airport and NH-8 with Mahipalpur under one underpass, roads and bridges around ITO, NH-1 and Rani Jhansi Road.

Therefore, there is now a great deal of rising expectations from the Delhi Government to approve LPP. They must stick to what they said and should start the process by first urbanizing the Gram Sabha land coming under land pooling zones. This will also be a great help in fastening of Master Plan Delhi 2021 as LPP is its crux. A common man can only follow news and raise his voice through petitions. Witnessing the development in LPP in the last one month, from Delhi’s demand to DDA’s reluctances to now centre’s approval, all is done regarding the betterment of Delhi and its people. Kejriwal Government must now understand that there is high hope now from the government as all the road blocks have been removed to bring such an influencing policy of LPP. The Central Government has finally given a platform and a common ground for DDA and the government to work in tandem making sure that LPP and MPD 2021 bring the desired fruits.