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Benefit and Utilities of Delhi Land Pooling Policy

Posted By : Oct 01 2018

Posted On : Delhi LPP



Delhi Development Authority approved the Land Pooling Policy on 7th September 2018. The policy comes with the focus to inhibit, Land selling without the owner’s consent assuring major changes in the process of acquisition of land, in the Delhi NCR region.

The policy mainly conceptualized under the Master Plan 2021, planned by Delhi Development Association in order to transform Delhi in a hub of integrated smart cities. It enhances the infrastructural advancement and accommodates housing facilities for every citizen in Delhi NCR.

As per the Land Pooling Policy, the farmers and landowners now together pool their lands so the real estate builder develop it in a more useful way and provide affordable housing projects to Delhi’s people.

With the implementation of Land Pooling Policy, the development and expansion of the city work in a systematic manner as it increases the availability of fresh land.

The policy primarily aggregate small land area into a large one, establish essential infrastructures such as 24×7 water supply, drainage, and sewage system, also initiate provision for other social infrastructure, including main roads, metros and give back the developed land to developers.

Furthermore, some parts of this land will be sold by the government to recover the cost of developing infrastructure and public spaces and this policy will be the main key to its success.