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The Arrival of LPP is Now Only an Inch Away as Delhi Govt. Takes Positive Turn in TalkToAK

Posted By : Jul 17 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP


Delhi Government has made its intention crystal clear that they are very much in support of Land Pooling Policy (LPP) in their latest mass-interaction on the internet through #TalkToAK. In Talk To AK, Delhi CM, Mr. Kejriwal addressed various issues through a live video conference taking calls from all over India. He made people assure of the work AAP government has done since acquiring office in 2015. The good thing about the show was that it was result-oriented and practical. The people of Delhi have supported LPP since its arrival in 2013 by DDA. However, Delhi government was not making it a priority but now it has. This is really a positive news for the people in general that the question of land pooling was taken in this show and the response has made it clear that soon the policy will be green flagged.

Both Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Manish Shishodia looked keen to bring the policy. They explained that the policy is very affective and will be a part of their developmental program. It was also mentioned that their demand for 10% land from DDA’s pooled land is a deserving one. The government does not want that big development which will happen through LPP to face any difficulty regarding infrastructure of electricity, school or hospitals. Mr. Kejriwal said that the government has always welcomed this policy and now that central government has already agreed to their demand, they will see that LPP becomes their priority. The most significant aspect of LPP and the way these two leaders talked about it was that there is no politics involved in this. This is heartening to know that something as huge as Land Pooling Policy which can bring a revenue of Rs 50,000 crores to the government is away from any political game. This was confirmed from CM’s answer as he acknowledged central government’s work on meeting their demands. The duo said they are making sure that the policy works in a “looking forward” way so that unnecessary unauthorized colonies again don’t come up.

This is the biggest development regarding LPP in Delhi since its arrival. Its exceptional features such as affordable housing for all, employment opportunities, real estate revoking, the death of further formations of unauthorized colonies etc. all have been a major force for the different governments to come to a common ground for a cause which very rarely happens. The clearance of LPP in #TalkToAK by the CM has provided a clear path for massive development in Delhi. As part of the common people, for which the Delhi government is working, we make a formal request to Mr. Kejriwal to do all the necessary paper work required in implementing this policy as its delay of even a single day from now on will be very sad and illogical thing.