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95 Villages Transferred to the Revenue Department

Posted By : May 10 2016

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Due to the increasing problems of land acquisition which has put in danger the of use of government land, Delhi government in October 2015, ordered Panchayat department to give land to DDA for development. Acknowledging the order, the Gram Sabha has transferred the land of 95 villages to the revenue department. The declaration of village land to urbanized and developed land would bring in the role of Land Pooling Policy.

It has come as a big relief of for the Delhi government as the problems pertaining to land was increasing especially even after the notification of Land Pooling Policy. Now the process has gotten simpler because DDA would get the land from the villages which would be bought by the Delhi government for the growth of infrastructure. DDA had been knocking the door of Delhi government since the notification of Land Pooling Policy in September 2013, to implement it to curb the housing problems of Delhi.

According to Land Pooling Policy, those owners who give 2 to 20 Ha of land will get 48% of their total land back while those who give more than 20 Ha will get 60% of the land back after the development by government and developer entities. To negate any disruptions of relocation of land, it will be done through a computerized process with preference given to those who give their land first. A development charge of 2 crore per acre would be taken from the developer entity who would be availing the policy of development of civic infrastructure.

However, Delhi government is still taking precautionary steps for the sanctioning of LPP. The officials are coordinated by the experts of Urban Developments to make sure there are no problems regarding the construction. Also, government wants to makes sure that farmers are well taken care of. All this are done to the bear the fruits of LPP. According to the officials of DDA, the land pooling would help to make 24-25 lac houses to in a well developed urban area to finish the housing problems of Delhi.