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लडैं पूलिंग पॉलिसी दिल्ली शहरी विकास हेतु एक नया प्रतिमान है, जिसमें निजी क्षेत्र भूमि संग्रहण और भौतिक तथा सामाजिक आधारिक संरचना के विकास में सक्रिय भूमिका अदा करेगा।

इस अवधारणा के अंतर्गत, भूस्वामी या भूस्वामियों का समूह निर्धारित मापदंडो और दिशानिर्देशों के अनुसार विकास हेतु भूखंडो को एकत्र करेंगे, जिसमे वे स्वयं को विकास प्रक्रिया में भागीदार बनाएंगे



Delhi Land Pooling Policy


In India, land acquisition is the most challanging issue faced by development authorities to develop urban infrastructure.

Recently notified Delhi land pooling policy(Delhi LPP) is a welcome step towards addressing this challange and expediting the urban development. Delhi LPP, the landmark policy has potential to create millions of square feet of development, across 5 zones and 95 villages, in residential/commercial/public/and semi-public categories by means of public private participation.

In addition to encouraging PPP Model, Delhi LPP also includes promising features such as tradable FAR and single window clearance mechanism.

Land Pooling Policy (LPP) is an assembly of small rural lands being converted into large parcels through readjustment. The infrastructure development is planned on this large land with around 60% of the land given back to the land owners which makes it a very fair proposition.

In the new (and liberalized) land policy, DDA has enabled developer entities to directly acquire land from farmers or landowners through partnership in place of forceful acquisition.

In nutshell, In Land Pooling Policy, a number of small holdings of land are pooled together. 40% of the pooled land is utilized for developing physical & social infrastructure, and the remaining 40% land is returned to the original owners with licences/development rights, post fulfillment of eligibility criteria.


land pooling
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  डीडीए की लैंड पूलिंग पॉलिसी एक कदम और आगे बढ़ गई है। एन और पी-टू जोन के सात सेक्टरो की मैपिंग डीडीए ने पूरी कर ली है। इस सेक्टरो क