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Press Information Bureau Govt. of India Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs

Make the affordable house buying dream true with the Land Pooling Policy in the Delhi smart city plan. The Land Pooling policy makes the Delhi region busy and right option for the homebuyer to choose the affordable priced homes to suit the Economical needs. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) offers the reliable opportunity for best home buy in the smart planned city. The implementation of land pooling policy makes you busy and eager to book preferred house at the right time.

The Land Pooling Policy discussed by the housing and urban minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri and Shri Anil Baijal Delhi Governor met in Nirman Bhawan several features about the smart city plan and make changes in the plan earlier. Shri Duga Shanker Mishra, the (HUA) secretary and DDA Vice-Chairman participated in the essential discussion.

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The affordable housing of Land Pooling Policy changed to Delhi Development Authority act to the Developer Entity and assumes additional plans and changes in the construction obtain in the pooled land. Today, the LG and Minister decided to build the houses based on the needs as well as continue the land to the land owners. DDA also quickly start the planning services and spatial plan for the five significant zones land pooling policy hence the policy given results faster after the regulations finalization in the pooling policy.

The two LG and Minister said about concerns of delay in executing the effective Land Pooling Policy, Shri Puri Minister thanked Delhi Governor Shri Anil Baijal for the beginning of 89 villages announced the urban areas implement in the Delhi Municipal Act 1957 and Development region about 95 villages essential for the Land Pooling Policy implementation. DDA directed to make appropriate rules in the land pooling policy in the month time changes. DDA also asked to make sure individual window clearance system for important approval of instant implementation.

The main aim of implementing Land Pooling Policy has to get advantage on buying homes with the Master Plan Development 2021. The DDA almost completed the entire process of the policy and perform the infrastructural work. The policy of land pooling covers Greenfield areas J, K – 1, L, N and P II five zones meet the Master Plan Delhi 2021. To motivate the dense change for effective use of land resource in the Delhi region and the policy allows FAR develop 400 and currently 150. To encourage the reasonable housing scheme the additional amount of FAR allotted about 15%.

About 22, 000 hectares of region allotted for pooled housing scheme encounter the 95 lakh people needs. The Land Pooling Policy catalyses the civic, social and economic development of the delhi besides starting substantial investment as well as production of employment opportunity.

In the land pooling policy, about 60% of pooled policy region returned to the exact land owners after the development of infrastructure and if pooled plan 20 hectares and more 48% land pooled 2 and 20 hectares. The returned land 60%, 53% allotted for residential purpose, 5% allotted for city commercial purpose and 2% allotted for public and semi-public purpose.

The housing under affordable land pooling policy economically weaker segments built size from 32 to 40 square metres. The housing stock half will retain by the DE to house community service those people who employ for the residents and owners of Group Housing. These residences will be constructed in the project site or at the premise next the site allotted. The remaining half of the reasonable priced houses sold specifically to the DDA at Rs. 2, 000 per square feet for more business benefits.

The Land Pooling Policy makes the huge development in the housing societies and approved scheme DDA complete details land through the DDA. The land pooling agency reorganizes the land after getting compensation for the whole infrastructure costs. The land pooling policy is the best concept for the small land chunks grabbed by the owners who gathered the land for change of new infrastructure. You can know the advantage and exact plan of reasonable housing in the Delhi region.