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A New Phase in the Housing Development of Delhi

The Delhi Development Authority has produced a new way to develop the outskirts of the city. LG of Delhi, Anil Baijal has approved the plan. He has instructed to beauty the chosen villages under the Land Pooling Policy. This is the new phase that has been added to develop the city with the housing projects. The Government of Delhi has chosen all total ninety-five villages along with the members of the Delhi Development Authority.

These villages are spread around the North, West and in the North Western part of Delhi. These villages spread over 77, 000 hectares of land which is about 40, 000 acres of land. This whole land will be taken to develop the housing projects that have been making a steady run in different parts of the city.

If this plan works great, then the people of Delhi will get more advantages to living in the city with affordable costs. According to an officer of the Delhi Development Authority, this step will help them in designing the city with beautiful landscapes and also provide a house for the people of Delhi.

According to a statement by the Delhi Development Authority, the Government will take a portion of the land to construct the social sectors. All the facilities that have been needed by the people to live in a house will be taken care and maintained by the Delhi Development Authority. But there is a problem. The problem is that the villages that have been lying in the border sector will not get the option to get modified like the other villages. This matter has been taken seriously by the Government, and the official has said that they will look into the matter as early as possible.