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Haryana Government Introduces a New Scheme for the Land Owners

The Government of Haryana has introduced a new policy for the land owners. This new policy has been drafted with the Land Pooling Policy of 2017. In this policy, the Government has been making a new way to help the land owners to gain profit with the real estate developers by giving their land. This policy has been said to be one of the greatest policy by the Government and also by the people of the land.

In a recent interview, a spokesperson from the Haryana Urban Development Authority has said that under this policy the landowners will get the opportunity to get their part after the development. This development may be of commercial and residential, and the profit depends on the portion of land that has been provided by the land owners.

The main aim of this Land Pooling Policy is to meet the needs of land to make the commercial as well as residential projects by providing the profits to the land owners who have shared their land. This policy will not force any landowners to give their land. This policy is totally for the public and their desire for providing lands for the development of the state.

People who want to participate in this policy will have to sign an agreement with the Government. This agreement is the form that must be provided to the Government within a certain time that has been provided by the Higher Authorities. But there is a new thing that one must know. The Government has said that if the landowners sign the agreement, then the portion of land that they wanted to give the Government will not be taken away during any condition. This the Government has announced so that the land owners do not face any trouble in the future days.