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Oct 11th, 2018

Gazette Notification on Land Pooling Policy by Housing & Urban Affairs Ministry

LPP Gazette Notification

Gazette Notification on Land Pooling Policy – Download

May 16, 2017

Check out latest DDA’s, Delhi Govt’s approval documents/Gazettes on Land Pooling Policy Approval

Gazette for Urbanization(Land Use Change) of 89 Villages in Delhi(Dated-16-May-2017)
Notification(1) CD-000383132/3827-3841  –  Download
  • Source: http://delhi.gov.in/wps/wcm/connect/6897880041563df997bf978c783933a3/176072.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&lmod=-289838585


June 16, 2017

Declaration of Development Area of MPD 2021 95 Villages(Dated-16-June-2017)
Notification (1)  Egaz20176456 (Zone – J)   – Download
  • Source: http://it.delhigovt.nic.in/writereaddata/egaz20176456.pdf
Notification (2) Egaz20176457 (Zone – P2)  – Download
  • Source: http://it.delhigovt.nic.in/writereaddata/egaz20176457.pdf
Notification (2) Egaz20176458 (Zone – N)  –  Download
  • Source: http://it.delhigovt.nic.in/writereaddata/egaz20176458.pdf
Notification (4) Egaz20176459 (Zone – L)  –   Download
  • Source: http://it.delhigovt.nic.in/writereaddata/egaz20176459.pdf
Notification (5) Egaz20176460 (Zone – K1)  –  Download
  • Source: http://it.delhigovt.nic.in/writereaddata/egaz20176460.pdf

Sep 5, 2013

Gazette Notification of Land Pooling Policy(Dated- 5-September-2013)
DDA’s reply to current status of Land Pooling Policy_23August2017  –  Download
Notification of Land pooling policy E_2076_2013_004  –  Download
White Paper from KPMG on Land Pooling Policy – Download
Parliament Rajya Sabha Question Answer on land pooling policy Delhi 3-Aug-2017 – Download

Oct 3rd, 2017

DDA Notification and Draft of Policy to enable the Planned Development of Privately Owned Lands. Obeservations/Views/Sugestions to be made with 30 days

Notification in Hindi:

Notification in English:

Draft Policy in Hindi:

Draft Policy in English:

Date: 6-Oct-2017

Sticking to the timelines of “Delhi Master Plan 2021” and “Housing for All-2022”,DDA today notified two major announcements on Land Pooling Policy and MPD 2021:

1- DDA Land pooling Director notifies Development Area to boost planned authorized construction in Land Pooling Zones.
2- DDA notifies Norms for Land Distribution & Development Control for existing/modified/new Hi-Tech Industrial Areas under MPD 2021-IT/Service Based Industry Priority Sector.

Date: 12-Oct-2017

Delhi Land Pooling Policy Further Simplified- Transfer of pooled land to DDA not required, Regulations to be made in a month: Union Minister Housing & Urban Affairs & LG Delhi


Date: 11-Jan-2018

Draft modified Chapter -19 (Land Policy) in English:

Date: 12-Jan-2018

Draft Regulation for Operationalization of Land Policy (English):

Date: 13-Oct-2017

Public Notice & Draft Regulations for Enabling the Planned Development of Privately Owned Lands – English Version: